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Solidarity is not an act of charity,
it is an act of mutual aid between two forces
seeking the same objective.

Currently everything going into FluxRostrum's pocket is being spent on creating a mobile media convergence space out of a school bus for

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MBN is currently seeking technology sponsors
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or have house parties / screenings.

AWOL in CanadaIraq Vets tell why they've gone AWOL
June 2006 online
Your New Hampshire VacationThe Vermin Supreme Campaign shows you just how cool New Hamphire can be for political actions Jan.2008 online
N.O. Anarchist ActionAnarchist Response to Hurricane Katrina 05-06 online
St. Augustine ChurchActivists ocuppy historic New Orleans church & save it from destruction April 06 online
Walkin' to New Orleans The Walikin' to New Orleans March started Tuesday the 14th of March in Mobile, Alabama and concluded on Sunday the 19th; with an Anniversary Anti-War Rally in Congo Square, New Orleans. online
Katrina Relief 1Waveland, Missahippie ~ Common Ground Collective ~ Shrimpers
Katrina Relief 2Cheif Al's Stuff ~ Housing Actions ~ Toxic Art
Katrina Relief 34 Directions ~ St.Bernard Housing Action
Interferon Riddled RonnieAn honest recollection and demonstration of the effects of Pegasus Copegasus Interferon for the treatment of Hepatitis C. online
Hepatitis C AlternativesInterviews with lloyd Wright regarding the specifics of combating Hepatitis C with Alternative means. online
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Fluxview USA Original deProgramming Video
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Fluxview USA Original deProgramming Video
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